I used to run WhatsYourRouter.com and decided that an ‘all under one roof’ approach to Forums was long overdue especially for the UK. Out in the ether are many many forums, forums for Tech, forums for Gaming, forums for Mobile Communications, even forums for Domestic Appliances etc, but very few combine all these topics into a single Portal for UK forum users.

UKTechHub.com also welcomes forum users from outside of the UK especially in areas of Tech and Communications where technologies nowadays are on a Global platform.

and Welcome to – UKTechHub.com

The idea behind this forum (HUB) is to provide a central location for members to freely communicate within a Community type scenario to work together sharing experience, knowledge and ideas around the forum topics.


  • Mobile.
  • PC/Laptop Gaming.
  • Computers (software & hardware).
  • Gaming Consoles (hardware & games).
  • Wireless Routers and Modems.
  • Broadband ISP’s.
  • White & Brown Goods (washing machines) etc.


All I ask is that we are all fair and reasonable, we try to add value (advise/guide) others where we can and we do not use this forum (HUB) for other non community agendas, this includes, spamming,  advertising, being aggressive, insulting, any sexual material/reference/harassment, bullying, intimidation and any extreme religious views will not be tolerated and will be removed  (I will ban offenders) and lastly, please feel free to drop me a message offline if you feel in anyway I can improve upon this site etc.

UKTechHub.com welcomes Forum representation from manufacturers and suppliers in the context of Forum advice and guidance relating to their areas of expertise (products).



I can also confirm that UKTechHub.com  is compliant with the  GDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation) key principles (where applicable).


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