BBC faces demands to give ‘nation a choice’ over TV licence Fee

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Should we in the UK still pay for a TV License Poll ?

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    Interesting article about TV License Fee which BTW is increasing to £159 from 1st April 2021

    Tory MP Lee Anderson conducted a poll via Facebook to ask his constituents whether they think the BBC TV licence fee should be scrapped and an overwhelming majority said it should. Speaking to, Mr Anderson said: “The colleagues I speak to are on the same page. There’s outrage in Parliament. I think most people out there on the street when I did a poll 90 percent agreed with me that we should defund the BBC and make it a subscription service.

    “The vast majority of the country agrees.

    “The BBC is not what it was. It’s not what was 30 to 40 years ago.

    “They’ve done nothing over the past five to six years other than slag us off on Brexit.

    “It’s quite obvious there’s a political agenda and the nation now have seen through it and it’s time to give people a choice; if you want to watch the BBC, pay for a subscription.”

    Read more:

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