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    What is the difference between Microsoft’s Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and Self-help Online Support for Microsoft software products?


    Mainstream Support

    Mainstream Support is the first phase of the product lifecycle. At the supported service pack level, Mainstream Support for products and services includes:

    ·        Incident support (no-charge incident support, paid incident support, support charged on an hourly basis, support for warranty claims)

    ·        Security update support

    ·        The ability to request non-security updates


    Extended Support

    The Extended Support phase follows Mainstream Support for business, developer, and desktop operating system products. At the supported service pack level, Extended Support includes:

    ·        Paid support4

    ·        Security update support at no additional cost

    ·        The ability to request a non-security hotfix during the Extended Support phase (aka Extended Hotfix Support) is included for select products for eligible Unified Support customers.5


    ·        Microsoft will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, or new features during the Extended Support phase

    ·        Extended Support is not available for consumer, consumer hardware, or multimedia products

    ·        Enrollment in a paid support program may be required to receive these benefits for certain products.

    4 Limited complimentary support may be available (varies by product).

    5 Microsoft Lifecycle policy permits the creation and broad distribution of certain non-security updates during the Extended Support phase. For example, it may be necessary to provide a non-security update that enables continued connectivity and servicing through the Automatic Update or Windows Server Update service.


    Self-help Online Support
    Self-help Online Support is available throughout a product’s lifecycle and for a minimum of 12 months after the product reaches the end of its support. Microsoft online knowledge base articles, FAQs, troubleshooting tools, and other resources, are provided to help customers resolve common issues.




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