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    Ok, So I plugged back in my Fritz!Box 3490 yesterday and it is running the latest firmware (07.01) and have run a GRC SHIELDSUP ( test on the router to see if all ports are in Stealth mode, I was surprised to find that port 113 is CLOSED, but not in Stealth mode.

    I thought I had run this test in the past, maybe with an older firmware, and the GRC Shields up test reported all ports where in Stealth mode?

    Port 113 is associated with the IDENT Service and my Fritz!Box is running dual IPv4 and IPv6 setup, so maybe something I have missed , cannot seem to find a way to fully stealth this specific port, or find the associated service using port 113?

    For those reading this thinking, maybe port 113 should be CLOSED and not STEALTHED, I have heard the discussions, I raised this thread as the Friz!box has a very specific setting called ‘Firewall in Stealth Mode’, which can be toggled On or Off, hence my original question .



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