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    Fritz!Box 3490 Set up a Modem (Bridge Mode)

    Ok, so I have an old Fritz!Box 3490 floating around and was looking to upgrade my ISP modem, I managed to configure my Fritz!Box 3490 as a Modem running in bridge mode and it is working a treat.
    Fritz!Box 3490 is running firmware version FRITZ!OS 6.83 which was released on the 29th March 2017, but I believe some previous versions also support the method of turning a Fritz!Box xDSL modem / router into a fully bridged modem.

    Log onto Fritz!box UI and go to the Top Right corner and enable the Advanced View option.

    Then go to INTERNET > DSL Information and set Annex to B, if based in UK and Using VDSL (FTTC) or Annex A if you are using ADSL and ADSL+ (not sure if really needed)

    Then go to INTERNET > ACCOUNT INFORMATION and select
    ·         Connect to DSL Line (check box)
    ·         Account information (No)
    ·         Connection Settings > Change Connection Settings
    o   VLAN ID (101) for BT Fibre and Plusnet Fibre
    o   Encapsulation > Routed Bridge Encapsulation and check the obtain the IP address automatically check box

    Then Select PPPoE Passthrough and check the ‘Connected Devices are also allowed to their own Internet connection’ box.

    Do not forget to disable the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz wifi and I used LAN 1 from the Modem (Fritz!Box) to the Router (WAN – PPPoE) etc….

    Hope this proves a good use for the Fritz!Box 3490, as it does use the Lantiq (XWAY VRX288)  xDSL chipset and works a treat on both ECI and Huawei DSLAMS in the UK

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