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    The Netduma R1 is an award-winning gaming router that contains cutting-edge software which will transform your online experience.

    Note: Netduma is a British company ;-)

    The most popular features are:

    1. Distance Filtering: dramatically reduce your game’s lag by only connecting to hosts or servers near your home

    2. Congestion Eliminated: everyone in your home can download & upload without causing each other to lag

    3. Bandwidth allocation: prioritise your favourite devices, such as your console or PC

    4. Simple installation: it works with all connection types, all ISPs and in all countries in the world

    The Netduma R1 was launched in December 2014 and is sweeping the world, with users in over 90 countries plus multiple award wins and nominations.


    Netgear formed a Partnership with Netduma and this allowed the use of the NetdumaOS to be overlaid on existing Netgear Fimrware and as a result the Netgear XR500 wifi gaming router was released to the Market in 2018.



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