Xbox Series X: Everything we know about Microsoft’s next-gen console

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    Xbox Series X: Everything to know about Microsoft’s next-gen console

    Incase you havnt seen it, the new Xbox x series coming holiday 2020

    The name is confirmed – it’s not the XBox 2, or Project Scarlett – welcome instead to the XBox Series X.

    With the pressure on Xbox and PlayStation to show the merit of native hardware over streaming, following Google Stadia’s release, we’re expecting a very impressive next generation of consoles.

    We’ll be updating this page regularly with all new information on the console so stay tuned for the latest Xbox updates. The next chapter in the console war is drawing closer than ever, and we can’t wait.

    Xbox Series X – the main points at a glance
    The Xbox Series X is the next-generation console from Microsoft Series X plans to launch in the latter months of 2020 and Will launch alongside Halo Infinite and other major unannounced titles Much like PS5 – it will be backwards compatible with SSD and ray-tracing supportServices such as Game Pass and Project xCloud will be supported from launch

    Xbox Series X – What is it?
    The arrival of a new, powerful next generation of consoles is going to open up a new world of possibilities for console gamers. Better visuals, bigger game worlds and more intense action than ever before are waiting just around the corner. This announcement, and the chance to have a proper look at the next Xbox, makes that all feel just a bit closer.

    The console was first revealed at E3, but gamers got a look at more details and the finalised physical console at the 2019 Game Awards. The latest console from Microsoft packs more power and more features than its predecessors. Keep reading for info on specs, games and more.

    Xbox Series X release date – When is it coming out?
    In a year’s time, the Xbox Series X is likely to be sitting under quite a lot of Christmas trees. That’s thanks to the ‘Holiday 2020’ release date Microsoft has announced. This is just what we expected. It’s likely to be competing against the PS5 in the Christmas present stakes too.

    There’s no specific release date just yet, but Xbox did reveal that 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite will be a launch title, which will no doubt whet the appetite of Master Chief fans, set to be the final chapter in The Reclaimer Trilogy.

    Xbox Series X Specs and Features – How powerful is it?
    Judging from all the details that were dropped for the Xbox Series X, this looks to be a seriously powerful console. Xbox claims the new hardware is 4x more powerful than the current Xbox One X, which is frankly absurd considering that console is already capable of running select games in 4K.

    With the AMD Zen 2 CPU and AMD Navi GPU running the show. AMD Navi has only recently been revealed, and is yet to be properly introduced to the public to experiment with, whether through dedicated consoles or graphics cards.

    What kind of performance will these components bring? The Xbox Series X reveal trailer suggests the upcoming Xbox has 8K capabilities. It also suggests Project Scarlett will be able to run games at up to 120fps, although we expect that to be while running games at a Full HD resolution at the very most. That, and many players won’t have displays supporting such silky-smooth refresh rates.

    The next-gen Xbox will also be capable of real-time ray tracing, meaning it should be able to match the likes of the Nvidia RTX graphics cards and PS5 for the revolutionary light rendering technique. This sees in-game light look and behave significantly more realistically, and adds a beautiful polish to the visuals. The inclusion of support for variable refresh rate meanwhile, means the new hardware can eradicate screen stutters and the like for a far smoother look

    It’s perhaps not the GPU and CPU power that’s the most exciting though, with the Project Scarlett reveal trailer also confirming the new hardware will sport a next-generation SSD, which will look to reduce loading times by a significant margin. In fact, Xbox claims the SSD performance will be 40x superior to that of the current generation of consoles, which is mind blowing to say the least. This means developers will be able to create more complex open worlds without concerns that players will have to suffer tediously long waits staring at a loading screen.

    Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has also confirmed that backwards compatibility will be returning in a big way with Project Scarlett. All of your physical and digital purchases for the past two nerations (360 games pending developer support) will be available at launch, ensuring you already have a substantial library to take advantage of Xbox Series X in 2020.

    Xbox’s creators have also promised that the Series X will be “the most responsive console ever” thanks to their continued war on latency. They posted on Xbox Wire: “We are minimizing latency by leveraging technology such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and giving developers new functionality like Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to make Xbox Series X the most responsive console ever.  Xbox Series X is also designed for a future in the cloud, with unique capabilities built into the hardware and software to make it as easy as possible to bring great games to both console and elsewhere.”

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    Hardware Specs for new Xbox Series X

    Processor – Custom AMD Zen 2-based CPU (8x @ 3.6 GHz)
    Graphics – Custom AMD Navi-based GPU (12 TF RDNA 2.0)
    Memory – 16GB GDDR6 RAM (13GB guaranteed for game developers)
    Storage – NVMe SSD
    Video output – 8K, 4K @ 120Hz
    Optical drive – 4K Blu-ray
    Ports – 3x USB-A, HDMI 2.1, and possible CFexpress expansion
    Colour – Matte Black
    Price – TBA
    Size – 30cm x 16cm x 16cm (estimate)
    Release date – Holiday 2020

    Updated February 24, 2020:

    Microsoft has now officially confirmed that the Xbox Series X is 12TF, confirming our information from December 2019.

    In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom (J.G.Ballard).

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