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Ok, so I am forever looking for what certain Networking/DSL Technical Abbreviations really mean, Wiki and other sites are very useful, but I have decided to create one of mine own, feel free to suggest other abbreviations which I will then also copy to main listing/page and happy to amend listings if you can provide a better (maybe simpler/clearer) alternative description

DSL Modem and Router Technical Terms and Abbreviations etc.


After some recent issues with my BT MK2 Faceplate and after a lot of online research, I struggled with many fragmented information sources for UK VDSL Network Termination Equipment (NTE) and  in this age of VDSL (2) I decided to create my own little BT Master Sockets and Face Plates Wiki page as a point of reference for others.


Another Wiki to identify a list of which countries and there associated ISP use which VLAN ID’s (802.1q) tags for there  DSL broadband networks.

Modem VLAN ID Tag (802.1q) Reference Table


Other Wikis to follow, hopefully