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    So we have the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner and has been a great hand held device and works well.

    After cleaning some plastering dust (DiY) with the Dyson V8 the Dyson started to surge / pulse  powering on then off for about 6 times and then switches off.

    So cleaned the main Filter housing under the tap checked airways to ensure there was no blockage and even washed the Top Air filter and left to dry over night.


    The above usually fixes the Dyson pulsing on and off problem, but this time I was not so lucky, So I took the Dyson apart for closer inspection and after shining a torch into the main cyclone chamber, I noticed that 2 of my 8 mini cyclone chambers (airducts) was actually blocked, so dug out an old knitting needle and cleared the two blocked apertures.


    Dyson no longer pulses and obviously does not like plaster board and Coving dust (FFS)

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