AMD 3rd generation Ryzen/Threadripper (Zen 2) processors

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    AMD 3rd generation Ryzen/Threadripper (Zen 2) processors

    Undoubtedly the most anticipated launch of 2019 and for very good reasons; AMD’s third move in the processor war is also it’s most important as it launches its 7nm Zen 2 architecture, the performance of which will dictate how the CPU war between it an Intel will play out over the next few years. Higher core counts are certainly on the cards, with the latest rumors of the so-called 3000-series pointing at up to 16 cores on its mainstream Ryzen range.

    However, there are high expectations for increased frequencies and increased IPC (instructions per cycle) than 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs as these are both areas where Intel currently enjoys advantages, particularly in the former. This would enable AMD to close the gap in areas such as gaming and lightly-threaded workloads and with Intel already on the back foot when it comes to value thanks to great CPUs such as the Ryzen 7 2700X, any improvements here for AMD could see the market swing dramatically in its favour

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