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    This month the new Intel Alder Lake (12th-gen) was released and some are wondering what AMD have in the pipeline to match the new Intel Alder Lake (12th-gen)

    Intel’s first Alder Lake desktop CPUs are available to buy now, but the wait for new laptop-focused chips continues.

    Intel was one of the most active companies at CES 2021, announcing no fewer than four new families of processors. Among them was 12th-gen desktop chips, codenamed ‘Alder Lake’.

    More than nine months later, the first six Alder Lake CPUs finally launched at Intel’s Innovation event. They’re now available to buy, although you’ll be waiting a bit longer for a successor to Tiger Lake in laptops. Here’s everything you need to know about the next generation of Intel silicon.

    When was Intel Alder Lake released? What’s still to come?
    Intel began teasing details of its 12th-gen chips at CES in January 2021, and revealed lots more at its Architecture Day in July. But it wasn’t until the company’s Innovation Event on 27 October that any CPUs actually launched.

    If you missed it, here’s how to watch the Alder Lake event. This first batch of desktop processors (known as Alder Lake-S) is now available to buy, having been released on 4 November.

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