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    Asus DSL-AC68U Firmware

    Released 30th June





    ASUS DSL-AC68U Firmware version (This product supports both Annex A and Annex B)
    Security Fixes and Improvement:
    – Fixed httpd Command Injection.
    – Enhanced brute-force protection for ssh and telnet.
    – Fixed CVE-2019-15126 (Kr00k) vulnerability.
    – Enhanced httpd for Directory traversal.
    – Enhanced httpd for Reflected XSS.

    – Added AiMesh Web Page.

    – Updated ATM/PTM ISP List.
    – Updated DSL firmware to v1.0.5.1.
    – Updated DMT library to V5.6.36.0.
    – Added Italy ISP Vodafone to ATM auto detection list.
    – Disabled bitswap while manual setting area is Turkey.
    – Fixed possible wrong ATM detection in QIS.
    – Fixed setting IPTV profile not work in QIS.
    Bug Fixes and Improvements:
    – Fixed and enhanced AiMesh related issues.
    – Fixed mac repeat bug and app client list compatibility.
    – Fixed sometimes failed to feedback.
    – Removed key/cert in exported ovpn file if configure “user auth. only” on OpenVPN server advanced settings.
    – Reduced time of client status from connected to disconnect on OpenVPN server page.
    – Fixed Let’s Encrypt can’t be enabled by IE.
    – Fixed wrong Authentication Failed error of OpenVPN client, which is actually network connectivity issue.
    – Fixed OpenVPN client sometimes fail to connect in topology subnet case.
    – Enhanced Roaming assistant by MAC filter based probe response.
    – Enhanced networkmap with vendor class query.
    – Added two new Adaptive QoS modes, Learn-From-Home and Work-From-Home.
    – Added 5 new app icons of Bandwidth Monitor.
    – Fixed OpenVPN client not support compress lz4-v2 option.
    – Fixed OpenVPN client not support tls-crypt option.
    – Fixed OpenVPN client not handle some routing rules from server correctly.
    – Fixed the Samba config of the RE node.
    – Added download certificate function on system page.
    – Added self-signed certificate with SAN (V3) for importing into browser.
    – Updated dnsmasq to 2.81.
    – Fixed support for USB disks with a single quote in their model name.
    – Fixed live update issues.
    – Updated Feedback Problem Description and string tags.
    – Updated openssl to 1.1.1g.
    – Fixed httpd access issue.
    – Added a new option, Continuous Mode, in WAN DHCP query frequency setting.
    – Fixed the client status error of OpenVPN Server if multiple user connected with same account.
    – Fixed USB Modem not to check SIM of Android phone.
    – Fixed Let’s Encrypt renew certificate failed.


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