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    Why my ax11000 doesn’t support Australia

    UK version——weak signal

    can’t select region in wireless

    Go back to previous firmware ?????Firmware number?

    @grisu  sorry to bother you

    Thank you.


    Did it ever allow change of region?

    What I know only Chinese version routers support region settings, others have fix setting in CFE.

    Or older models like RT-AC68U where you can set everything even region-less #a.

    But maybe even result of firmware update, as I lost all languages except chinese-default and english on my internat. 86U – one more reason for me to sell them all.


    Did it ever allow change of region?

    NO! UK UK UK

    Chinese YES.


    Where to download CFE ?

    I heard it was dangerous,There are detailed tutorials?

    There seems to be no solution at present, only waiting.

    Thank you for your answer.


    I only knew it on 68U, no possibility on newer models AFAIK.

    You have to stay with it as it is or sell it.

    There has been a russian guy in snb forum who offered to do it on 86U and AX may be similar, but dont know if trusty (read a thread about it a year ago).

    UK Sentinel

    Not sure which AX1000 (GT-RT) but maybe an option to pick-up a cheap RT-AC68U (better to use AX model router if possible) and AiMesh them together

    Both models support AiMesh (I believe) and use wired backhaul to save any IPv6 issues  between AC and AX standards

    Note: if you decide to pair AX to AC routers via ethernet backhaul, remember to unplug all other ethernet cables from Primary / Main AiMesh router (AX) apart from cable running to AiMesh Node / child WAN port as this should make pairing easier

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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