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    Our local council (like many others) are now charging for Green garden waste collections and as part of there drive, they also offered a ready built plastic composter for just £10.

    So we jumped at the chance of being more green and purchased the plastic composter, which left us with the original plastic Green Waste wheelie Bin (which we was required to purchase from Council a few years previously)  prior to the Wheelie bins we used green waste sacks.

    So I decided to convert the Green Waste wheelie bin  into a second composter with  hardware I had lying around the garage / shed.


    • Gorilla Glue (all weather)
    • Tower Gate Bolt
    • 3/4″ x 8 Wood Screws (16 off)
    • 2 x Tee Hinges


    • Electric Jigsaw
    • Poxidrive / phillips screw driver
    • Stanley knife
    • Electric Drill
    • 12mm twist drill bit (a large side is better)

    With the Electric jigsaw, I cut out the bottom of the Wheelie bin and then also removed a front section to use as a flap and used Stanley knife to clean edges.

    I then added the two Tee Hinges and fasted with Glue and the 3/4″ x 8 Wood Screws


    Then added to the bottom of the flap the Tower Gate Bolt to stop flap opening due to weight of composting material and again fasted Gate bolt with the 3/4″ x 8 Wood Screws.

    I then also drilled a few random 12mm holes around the body of the wheelie bin, to add some ventilation.

    And Then positioned composter in sunlight part of garden and job done.

    A rough job I admit, but cost me nothing except time and it is just a composter (that is now mobile)

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