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    I am tired of this router to be honest. It is a prosumer product but it has less configuration options than cheaper and more accessible models.

    I am tired of fighting to get things to work, service degradation and restarts.

    So I’m moving to another router and some PoE APs.

    The question is:

    How do I set the DSL-AC88U in AP mode.
    How do I set the default gateway?
    Something to note is that right now the router is using a debug version, so I got telnet access.

    For now and until I have everything on the new network configured (I still need the PoE injectors) I want to use the Asus router as just an AP, to handle WiFi.

    I tried to do so just removing the WAN configuration, disabling DHCP and setting a LAN IP within the range of my local LAN, but it still does not work.

    Any ideas?

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    Yes, I can understand your frustration, just need to clary exactly what you are trying to achieve.

    Is the DSL-AC88U going to connect to another router/modem or just modem.

    Do you plan to use main router/modem wifi, dhcp etc

    FYI – Having two routers creates two networks with two DHCP servers and two NATs, this causes an issue when port forwarding and UPnP need to be employed on devices (eg computers) connected to the 2nd router.

    if so, then:

    modem/router will be called – primary router

    wireless router will be called secondary router

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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