Epson ET-4500 Printer Colours Not Printing

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    Epson ET 4500 Printer Colours Not Printing

    Ok, so to share my fun this morning, The Epson ET-4500 would not print any colours apart from black, so this meant, the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colours where at fault.

    So started with Checking Ink levels and all was 3/4 full

    Then tried the Head Cleaning  option via the ET-4500 LCD display and this finished and printed test page which showed no colour option apart from Black, I then ran this same procedure a further three times and colours started to return (60%) .

    Alas my Daughter needed to print a presentation, so I then ran the Printer Settings > Maintenance > Power Ink Flush option from my Windows 10 laptop (Epson Icon) which once completed all colours was being printed correctly and a happy daughter

    Note: when you run the Power Ink Flush option, it does use a lot of ink, so you need to ensure all ink storage cartridges / levels are at least 3rd full.

    Epson do advise that once this procedure has completed, the printer should be turned off for 12 hours…….


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