How to Enable Telnet Access on the Netgear r7800 (debug/hidden page)

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    I you are looking to enable telnet access to the Netgear R7800, have a look at below instructions, and a word of warning, some consider telnet access a weakness, so do not forget to disable Telnet Access afterwards

    From you browser, enter the following URL, (substitute if your routers IP address is different)

    Enter Routers ‘Admin’ Username and Password.

    You will be presented with the below screen in your Browser, select the Enable Telnet check box.

    Enjoy and do not forget to turn of telnet afterwards.

    Note: unsure if this works with other Netgear Routers, so worth a try?

    This hidden page also give you access to :

    CPU Load
    Memory Usage(Used/Total)
    Flash Usage(Used/Total)
    Network Session(Active/Total)
    System Uptime
    Debug Log Capture
    Enable Telnet
    WAN Port mirror to LAN port1
    Allow external IPv6 hosts ping internal IPv6 hosts
    Enable 11k

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