My asus DSL-AC52 is not dead, but have serius firmware problem…..

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    First I´m using annex m for streaming and uploading videos and after my expiriencies, I think than the asus DSL routers need a serious fixes, at least for the Annex M:
    Mi DSL-AC52U stop working normally and I Buy DSL-AC88U (Watch this post: In some moment the DSL-AC88 sync at 2.8MB!!! after reset works another time in 1.8MB for a strange reason
    I return to my old AC-52U, for testing and I discover that after the process described below that the routher works correctly, until it is turned off and on again
    1- On the back of ASUS routers is a small hidden reset button, with router off, push in, put on the routher and press the button for 10 seconds.
    2- Use the asus restorantion and load the FW_DSL_AC52U_112217 version
    3- Make some changes in the adsl part
    5- Load the FW_DSL-AC52U_1123552
    6-Make a soft reset
    7- The router work totally stable whitout any spike, but like the DSL-AC88, after reset the spikes return for any reason
    8- Follow these steps again and the problem is solved again

    Finally, the AC52 is not dead, and YES, the broadcom chipset is better than the MediaTeK chipset, it is even possible that the synchronization of the AC88U can be controlled in some way like the AC52U.

    I have uploaded a photo, in it you can see a quality of 40 after the trik, normally the quality is 0-3 which shows the total instability of the router.

    PD: Please Asus Fix It on DSL-52/88U I love your routers and sorry guys for my bad english.

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    Are you using any DSL filters etc, also the DSL-AC51u has a feedback form Page, send ASUS a message and see if they can assist ;)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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