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    Can someone explain how the parental controls work and how some of you are using them ?


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    From my perspective, I always like to divide parental controls in two section, Time and Access.

    ASUS, like TP-Link (Netgear does not) gives the ability to schedule individual clients access to the Internet (Time Scheduling) so limits for each device can be independently set, one client, childs PC can be limited to have access between 7am and 10pm ,and a teen can be adjusted to say 6am to 11:00 pm

    ASUS Parental Controls via (Web and Apps Filters) can limit the type of sites that PC, device can have to, so for example, categories are,  ADULT, Instant Messaging, P2P and File Transfer and Streaming and Entertainment, each section has sub categories, so you can be fairly accurate etc.

    Each device can have its own Categories applied to it, so you can define Web and Apps Filtering given your particular needs/concerns, alas if your kids (for example) are a little switched ON, then they can easily change DNS address of local PC and by Pass the Web and Apps Filter, or they can put VPN,s on PC, again, another way around.

    What I did, is use RMerlins Firmware, he has a section under AiProtection called DNS Filtering, and I select  OPENDNS Family Shield Protection, which applies to all clients,  I add my PC/Laptop to exclusion list, by using this option, if user changes local DNS, this is blocked by restricting port on firewall and also OPENDNS Family does not allow the use of VPN’s etc.

    (I know, Child safety online is as much about Education, as Control), but ‘kids will be kids’ ;-)

    The Categories applied (ON)  all the time once set-up, so no chance of changing them to only be applicable at certain points of the day, so you do have to be careful.

    ASUS also have the option to Backlist or Whitelist certain URL’s so again you can define the specific web sites if you prefer.

    Hope this helps?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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