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    PS5 release date – November 20, 2020 (rumour)

    PS5 release date. Sony has officially confirmed the PS5 will release “Holiday 2020”, aka between October and December 2020. A leak has suggested that the release date will be November 20, 2020 but that’s yet to be confirmed.

    PS5 Pre-Orders????

    Sony’s next-generation PlayStation console is the PS5 (PlayStation 5) and it’s landing at the end of 2020.

    In early 2019, Mark Cerny, the chief architect on Sony’s next console, confirmed that the company is working on the successor to the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. While he didn’t share the official name or release date at the time, Cerny did shed some light on a few choice details about what we could expect from its hardware.

    The PS5 will still play discs, for one – but as to the exact hardware specifications, and how it will link up with Sony and Microsoft’s plans for game streaming, we’ve remained largely in the dark.

    However, since then, Sony has been drip-feeding us juicy titbits such as an official PS5 release window, name and a few key details about features.

    In addition, we’ve seen some surprising leaks, in the form of a Sony-registered patent that seems to show off the PS5’s general shape, button inputs, and cooling vents – confirmed to be the PS5 dev kit in a leaked photo – though we expect the end product design will be different for the PlayStation 5’s late 2020 launch.

    With 2020 now underway, Sony can only keep the finer details of the next-generation PlayStation a secret for a little longer – especially with Microsoft officially unveiling the Xbox Series X. But between the rumored specs, likely next-gen titles, and official features we are aware of, there’s plenty to keep us busy for now.

    Here’s everything we know about the PS5 so far, and what we hope will be revealed the closer we get to launch.

    PS5 release date
    Sony has officially confirmed the PS5 will release “Holiday 2020”, aka between October and December 2020. A leak has suggested that the release date will be November 20, 2020 but that’s yet to be confirmed. It’s in the right window, though, and it does leave time before Christmas to get those orders in.

    This will put the PlayStation 5 in direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (formerly Xbox Project Scarlett), which is releasing during the same period. Game on.

    PS5 specs

    Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset (based on third generation Ryzen architecture and with Navi GPU)
    SSD storage system
    Backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware
    3D audio
    8K TV support
    So what is the PS5 packing under the hood? We don’t know a huge amount about the PlayStation 5’s specs, but here’s what we do know.

    That AMD one-two-punch of CPU and GPU unlocks the powers of ray tracing, an advanced lighting technique that can bring next-level immersion to gaming visuals. It’s a Hollywood technique that’s used in big-budget CGI spectacles, putting the level of visual fidelity you can expect into context.


    Ray tracing is done by GPU hardware rather than software level, Mark Cerny told Wired. “There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” Cerny explained.

    With 8K TV support comes far more detailed textures, and much larger ones at that. The news of a bespoke SSD drive will be heartening then – just because the games will be becoming more complex, that doesn’t mean they’ll be slower to load too. It’s estimated that the new SSD is 19 times faster than traditional SSD storage methods (but given the speed difference between the SSD and the optical drive, installation of games will be mandatory).

    Not only that, by harnessing the power of the SSD, developers could potentially reduce the install sizes of games as “there is no need to duplicate data to compensate for slow seek times that optical drives and HDDs have.”

    The PS5 will benefit from simplified data management due to its SSD, and this will allow players to have more control over installing and removing games. This will allow players to install (or remove) only certain parts of a game. So instead of installing the full game, you could choose to just install the single-player mode and then do multiplayer later – or vice versa.

    Physical games for the PS5 will use 100GB optical disks, inserted into an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Blu-Ray player and the next-generation hardware will boast a completely revamped UI.

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