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    So, I have just had my Sky package upgraded to Sky Q and so far loving the new Interface (UI) very smooth and looks sleek, also enjoying the inbuilt Netfix App but alas the buttons (remote) seem a little, flimsy (insignificant) .

    I noticed a while after SKY engineer left that a new SSID was being broadcast with full strength ( SKYD0xxx) so after a little Googling (and a wireless scanner) seems like the SKY Q uses this SSID for its Sky Q mini box to connect.

    I do not have Sky Q mini box so decided to remove the SKY Q SSID and hopefully save a little electric in the process 😉

    After more research, it become apparent (from my limited search) that it was unclear how to disable the Sky Q broadcast SSID.

    Some said it was always On, and could not be disabled, others say you need to go to the SKY Settings hidden menu and disable wifi there, which was closer to what I did,, but your are given an option to disable both 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi which thus renders SKY box disconnected for Internet.

    So, this is what I did, (I am on BT using my own Router, not SKY Router)

    –        Press Home Button on Remote

    –        Scroll down on the Left screen Menu to SETTINGS (do not press select button)

    –        On Remote, select 0 0 1 and then press the Select button once

    –        A hidden Menu then should appear on the TV screen

    –        Scroll down to Network

    –        Then Select 5GHz Wireless and ensure this is turned to Off

    –        Scroll down and select Confirm

    Now the Sky Q SSID has been disabled but you should still have access to Internet for all those excellent SKY Q Features

    Note, It appears during my little investigation, that SKY Q for connection to its SKY Q mini Box’s uses the 5GHz wifi bandwidth, so as 5GHz does not travel as far as 2.4GHz the SKY Q mini box’s could suffer connection issues if they are located in a shed half way down the garden

    Note 1, Also when you are not connecting the Sky Q box to a Sky router via wifi, you only have the option to connect to a third party router via 2.4GHz with the Sky Q box

    Hope this helps ?.

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