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    One of the few remaining British appliance brands is, well, no longer a British appliance brand as it’s been bought by the Turkish behemoth that is Vestel.

    It’s reported that, according to a company statement on October 28th a deal was struck with Crosslee PLC who own the White Knight brand to help Vestel get a foothold in new markets while strengthening its presence in Europe and the UK. Quite why as they already own the Servis, Sharp and Electra brands among others is anyone’s guess. We suspect a bargain price amid the pandemic but, that’s just us guessing.

    The deal was reported as being for the acquisition of the Hostess and White Knight business trademarks, intellectual property rights, domain names, and some equipment related to these trademarks.

    The registration process for the trademark transfer is being completed in the EU while the process continues in some non-EU countries.

    But, that’s yet another British brand that’s gone.


    Source: https://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/appliance-industry-news/84-whiteknight/4418-white-knight-bought-by-vestel

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