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    Apple iPhone Tethering via ASUS Wifi Router

    As some users may have noticed, ASUS wifi routers support tethering via Android, but not via iPhone IOS, this is due to the fact that ASUS firmware (ASUSWRT) does not support the iPhones underlying Linux Library (Lib) needed for an ASUS router to register that an iPhone has been connected to the ASUS router via USB and install relevant files/drivers etc.

    there is a workaround:

    Using the TP-Link RE450 (WiFi Range Extender) for example,  on the iPhone select hotspot mode and then use the Wireless range extender to link to the hotspot of your IPhone (wireless connection not USB).

    The TP-Link RE450 is dual band with an Ethernet port, the iPhone only uses the 2.4GHz as the hotspot frequency (so if you want to connect to the Repeater directly with another device you can connect to the 5GHz without reduction of wireless speed) .You then connect the Ethernet port on the extender to the configured Ethernet port, Primary or Secondary WAN on the ASUS router (usually , Ethernet Port 1). and you now have a wireless ASUS router running from your Apple using iPhone 3G / 4G.

    Of course, you can just use the range extender and by-pass the ASUS router altogether, but then you miss out on the routers ability to NAT / DHCP and firewall etc. etc. etc.

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