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    Okay so I have finally given up on my DSL-AC88U which Asus don’t seem to want to provide firmware updates for…

    But the GOOD NEWS is that in it’s place I have picked up an RT-86U and have paired it with a Zyxel VM1312 set in bridge mode…

    But I have got my old DSL-AC68U and was thinking should I get this to handle the fibre connection (throw away the Zyxel)  and setup AIMESH between that and the new DSL-AC86U?

    Anyone have any opinions on;

    1. whether the DSL-AC68U is any good for BT Infinity 1 connections? Or will I get better sync speeds from the zyxel?
    2. Is AIMESH worth it? Currently I have another router as a access point downstairs.

    Thoughts please and thank you in advance…



    UK SentinelUK Sentinel

    A RT-AC86U (lovely device) The Zyxel VM1312 contains the BCM63168U chipset (Broadcom) the DSL-AC68U uses a MediaTek chipset for DSL which for UK users has caused many issues and G.inp is not usually supported.

    So use Zyxel as Modem (Bridge) then uses RT-AC86U (as primary AiMesh) and set DSL-AC68U as Child/Node (AiMesh) the latest DSL-AC68U firmware supports AiMesh for child /node option.

    Version  (from ASUS download Servers)

    I was using AiMesh and it worked well ;-)

    BTW – on the rear of the RT-AC86U, there is a label with a year of manufacture on it, I cannot recall but I seem to remember units made in 2017 may have had (some) 2.4GHz wifi radio issues and others have reported that on occasions the router will not restart after it has been UI rebooted ?

    No such thing as the perfect router, but that’s the price for mass production

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    RT-AC86U: Especially 2018 versions may be troublesome, 2.4G issues seems to be introduced in 2018 while early 2017 and latest 2019 are ok. In my opinion if you think about buy an 86U you should take a new one manufatured 2019 (or later ).

    Hanging after reboot is a known problem for all 86U, some have it more often than others with no reason. Latest firmwares could help but still seen in some case.

    Thats why it would be helpful if someone brave with an 86U and more often seen it to test if GT-AC2900 firmware on it would solve it – then we would know it could be solved with firmware if Asus is willing to fix or that it is a hardware design failure.

    DSL-AC68U: Good to hear that it can be reused as Aimesh node now with offical firmware!

    Is it only enhanced to support Wireless backhaul or can it be used with LAN-backhaul too???

    Have you tested both?

    What I can remember they only did wifi-backhaul still missing wired.

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    UK SentinelUK Sentinel

    Yes, Wired Backhaul is yet to be introduced by ASUS for DSL-AC68U (as far as I recall)

    2018 are the troublesome radio ones, thanks for update and hopefully this will help @manzaboy if they have any issues

    In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom (J.G.Ballard).


    Thanks both for the very comprehensive reply. Really helpful!

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