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    Some users of ASUS routers, including the RT-N56U, after updated to the latest firmware are recieving the “The WAN IP is not the external IP” message  everything seems to be working fine though but to get rid of the notification, heres some steps a user followed which worked for him:

    1. logged in to asus router (
    2. Clicked on Globe icon to get Internet Status. write down internet status info (WAN IP, Subnet Mask, DNS & Gateway)
    3. Clicked on WAN in left menus and take note of asus router MAC address (, from Advanced Settings->WAN->MAC Address) xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    4. logged into ISP modem/router (
    5. went to the LAN setup page (this will vary based on your ISPs modem/router)
    6. Added a static IP Lease entry with entry MAC Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (from step 2) and IP Address (from WAN IP in step 1) and saved settings
    7. went back to asus router (, from Advanced Settings->WAN) where to set the WAN Connection Type to Static IP
    8. Filled in the info captured in step 1 (WAN IP Setting: IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway WAN DNS Setting DNS Server1 DNS Server2 <left blank>)
    9. reboot IPS modem/router (takes 3 minutes)
    10. reboot asus router (takes 2 minutes)
    11. login to asus router and warning message gone

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