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    ASUS End-of-life product list, Wifi Routers

    When a product is end-of-life, it means:

    It is no longer manufactured
    Its certification will not be renewed
    Its firmware, utility, website, DM, QSG and manual will not be updated
    It may be replaced by a new product with updated hardware and similar functions
    If the product/version1 you are looking for is end-of-life, it is recommended to purchase the latest version or other similar models2. However, an EOL will not change the limited warranty period for hardware.

    For the latest updates, follow this link:

    Products Included in EOL :

    • Wireless Routers
    • Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridges
    • xDSL Modem Routers
    • Wireless Adapters
    • Wired Networking
    • Powerline Networking
    • Bluetooth & Antennas



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