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    I used to own a Fiat 500L MPW (2015) so I thought to share how to adjust the handbrake as they do need tightening after a while.

    Handbrake adjustment is via a single M10 nut (elongated) which is located under the rear centre console cup holder.

    Central console is retained by clips/locks which need to be levered off/under.

    Once console is removed, I used a Socket Flexi extension which enabled me to get to the M10 nut and tighten so that the Handbrake was fully applied after 3 click of the handbrake handle.

    Note. the Handbrake adjustment is attached to 2 physical steel cables which operate both the rear brakes, so ensure free movement in both cables is possible otherwise applying handbrake may only work on one wheel and may damage handbrake mechanism over time.

    Ref: Picture copied from Ebay for reference only


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