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    Noticed this test tool the other day for battery life based on usage for most of the big cellular players out there –  GSM Arena battery life tool


    Welcome to the GSMArena battery life tool. This page puts together the stats for all battery life tests we’ve done, conveniently listed for a quick and easy comparison between models. You can sort the table by either overall rating or by any of the individual test components that’s most important to you – call time, video playback or web browsing. You can find all about our testing procedures here.

    Our overall rating gives you an idea of how much battery backup you can get on a single charge. An overall rating of 40h means that you’ll need to fully charge the device in question once every 40 hours if you do one hour of 3G calls, one hour of video playback and one hour of web browsing daily. The score factors in the power consumption in these three disciplines along with the real-life standby power consumption, which we also measure separately.

    Best of all, if the way we compute our overall rating does not correspond to your usage pattern, you are free to adjust the different usage components to get a closer match. Use the sliders below to adjust the approximate usage time for each of the three battery draining components.


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