Michelin Launches its First Range of Tyres Designed for Electric Buses

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    Michelin has launched its first range of electric bus tyres with the introduction of the new Michelin X InCity EV Z onto the original equipment and replacement markets. Initially designed for electric vehicles (EVs), the fitments also provide superb levels of efficiency to traditional buses operating on urban and suburban routes.

    The new tyres offer excellent safety, longevity and load capacity, while helping operators to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing rolling resistance – key to maximising range for EVs.

    Andrew French, Director of Michelin Services & Solutions, which manages the tyres for some of the UK’s largest bus fleets, says: “Today there are already 5,000 electric buses in use across Europe, and it is predicted there will be 10 times that number on the road in five years’ time.

    “Michelin is focused on supporting the transition towards cleaner, more efficient and more independent electric mobility solutions – a key factor in achieving sustainable cities. This new X InCity EV Z will play a crucial role in that strategy and we are confident it will quickly become one of the most important tyres in our range.”

    To handle the additional weight of electric buses, which can be heavier due to their batteries, the X InCity EV Z has an increased load carrying capacity of up to 8 tonnes. In addition, the inclusion of many of Michelin’s most advanced technologies, such as InfiniCoil, Forcion and Regenion helps to ensure exceptional mileage potential – ideal for fleets operating traditional vehicles, as well as those facing the new challenges brought by electric buses.

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    Michelin Launches its First Range of Tyres Specifically Designed for Electric Buses

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