My WAN IP address is not the same as external IP, why?

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    I’m sorry for that I’m not very knowledgeable about these issues.

    Is there a negative impact on my connection?? such as ping vs online games.

    my modem wan ip 100.110…

    visible on website

    I don’t use vpn and similar software…

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    The Answer will depend upon what ASUS router this is, is it a DSL or RT Router (I assume RT) If RT model than I can guess the WAN IP is that of your Modems IP +1.

    WAN IP = ISP modem/Gateway

    External IP = Actual Internet IP Address

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    your ISP have allocated you Carrier-grade NAT IP address ,  yes it can create issue like Strict NAT on gaming consoles , closed ports ,  tough to access computer or NAS from outside of network etc etc… can look your NAT type on your Gaming Device to know for sure ? …………………………..if you notice any issue you might need to ask your ISP to provide you Static WAN IPv4 address ………………….. if you don’t use services that needs dealing with ports etc … you will be fine


    lease time is set very low …usually lease time is set below 4Hr if there is some kind of maintenance going at back end………………….but i can be wrong

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    correct, its asking permanent for new leases, not good.

    By default it is set to 86400s (=24h), for special needs you can go down to 3600s (=1h) and you should better not go below this.

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