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    Ok, So I just set up the Netgear XR500 for Xbox 1 – Fifa 19 and after running the Geo-Filter option, I was surprised to find that for the Xbox 1 – EA (Electronic Arts) only has 1 EA Server (Fifa 19) for Europe located around Germany.

    So when Gaming from UK, remember, our nearest EA Server for Fifa 19 (Xbox 1) is in Germany.

    FYI – from my Scan via my NetDuma Geo-Filter, it seemed to show that throughout the world, there was a total of 11 EA Server for Xbox 1 – Fifa 19

    Time to move to Germany I think ;-)

    Other Servers locations (ish).

    • Germany
    • Mexica
    • USA – West Coast
    • UAE
    • India
    • Malaysia / Indonesia
    • Vietnam / Philippines
    • Japan
    • Australia (East Coast)
    • South Africa
    • South America (Brazil)

    I am still trying to find what exactly the different Geo-Filter Symbols represent, (no details on Netgear XR500 router) so server locations, could be a hub etc ??

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