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    Xbox One X Controller Joystick Button Modification (this will void your Controller Warranty and not for the feint hearted)

    I have been Xbox Console Gamer for a long long time, ever since Xbox 360 first came out and over the years my thumb joints have felt the strain.

    So a few years back, I decided that I can either give up console gaming or do something about the way the controller requires you to push in/down the Joystick and try to save my thumb joints when you need to run in the various Call of Duty maps like Black Ops (the original) .

    So when Maplin’s used to be around, I tried lots of different buttons, switches and levers, to see which one worked best for my gaming style and can be attached to controller underbody easily.

    I settled for the Maplin’s momentary push switch with a screw body thread and big fat red button (code: N01AR) Luckily I brought a few before they closed.


    Pics below of current Xbox 1 X controller with added Buttons




    So if you are still reading this thread, then below will be a brief description of what I did to enable the use of buttons to replace the pressing of the joysticks.

    Items you will need:

    • Soldering Iron and Solder
    • 4 x 7-10 cm long wires from PC IDE Hard Drive Ribbons.
    • High Speed Step Drill bit (10mm as guide)
    • Glue (Araldite) or similar
    • Hot Melt glue gun
    • Wire stripper
    • Wire cutters
    • Flat Bladed Screwdriver
    • Torx T8 Screwdriver (I think)
    • 2 x Push Switch ((code: N01AR) or similar


    So firstly, I removed the side undercovers from the Controller, easily done with a screwdriver of pliers etc.

    Then unscrew the Torx Screws x 2 on each side and one in the battery compartment under battery label.  then remove undercover shell

    Then I have cut the wires to the vibration / rumble motors x 2 and removed them from controller housing to make room for Joystick button mod switches.

    Then with the step drill, find a position that the button can be mounted (see my attachments) and with the bottom cover re-attached, drill one hole on each side of controller under carriage to suit your switch.

    Then insert the switches  to outer under carriage and fasten / attach with nut and a little Araldite.

    (following pics taken from older controller)

    Then from the IDE HD Ribbon, remove four wire strands from ribbon which has covering and cut them to 7 to 10 cm in length.

    Then strip the wires back by 5mm at each end to reveal the copper cable

    Then as per images below carefully solder each wire one end to one side (terminal) of the switch (does not matter which terminal) and the other to the Xbox controller circuit board.

    Note: the controllers joysticks are mounted to the circuit board by four solder points in a square formation, the solder points we need to use are bottom left and top right for each switch.





    Once you have completed the soldering, I used the holt melt glue gun to cover the new soldered joints and to secure the wire incase future disassembly is needed.

    Now carefully re-assemble the controller ensuring the new wires do not get trapped and you now have a lighter controller with under chassis buttons .

    The original Xbox One X controller joystick will still work as it did before, but you now have the option to use the under carriage button also.

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    Now I know in the last year or so newer controllers are out with levers etc (£200 +), and some even have micro-switches, but my mod cost me £10 and a couple of hours in time.

    Any sensible questions, feel free to ask, above procedure is tricky but my thumb joints are truly grateful.

    It is an easy job when you know what you are doing and have a steady hand

    In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom (J.G.Ballard).

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