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Thank you for your interest!!! Of course i will sale the AC88U i’m very very disappointed, with AC68U i never had problems!!! And of course, i’m not going to buy again an asus network product, i feel like being a beta tester all the time… as i can see from many many users and their complains about this product!!! I will go to AVM and see if everything is going to work again. Thank you again for your time!!! 🙂

Let us know how you progress with AVM (Fritz!Box) and do not forget, ASUS do offer RT series of wifi routers which tend to work very well, especially if using RMerlins (ASUSWRT-Merlin) firmware (specific model). but a separate modem is required.

Well i finally bought AVM Fritz!Box 7590 and everything… works fine!!!
ASUS support was wrong… and they should consider to be more serious about their costumers and their software team should be more carefull!!!
My conclusion is that my FTP problem with NAS was in the firewall or the port forwarding… because not even Synology NAS could cooporate with this modem router and open ports for the FTP service.
Their behaviour force me to buy a new Synology NAS first and the Fritz!Box to work correclty.
AVM is great even for a small company… i believe not as fast as ASUS, but it’s totally stable and their software is great with no problems!!!
ASUS should follow thier example about how a modem router software should work…!!!
Thank you for listening to me and the owners to be patient about firmware problems!!!