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    BT SIN498 is the generic document relating to GEA-FTTC and as such, applies to any device VDSL2 based device connected to the Openreach access network.

    What is BT SIN 498 MCT Approval?

    When BT Broadband launched VDSL2 (‘BT Infinity’ or ‘FTTC’) in 2009, they provided customers with a modem (such as the ‘HG612’), together with a separate router (the BT ‘Home Hub’). Later versions of the BT home hub combined the router and modem into one box. Other ISPs mostly still used the BT Openreach supplied modem connected to a separate router of their choice.

    BT ‘SIN 498’ is the specification defining BT’s VDSL2 service requirements in order that products meet specific standards of support and compatibility.  In the testing programme (MCT – Modem Conformance Test), devices undergo extensive testing to check if they meet the standard and comply with all of BT’s requirements. The MCT covers many different aspects of a device’s operation and is conducted without vendor interaction – a device is submitted and at the end it either passes or fails.

    The below attached document details the Modems that are approved for use on BTW FTTC products.

    This list only covers those devices that are generally available to BTW Customers and excludes those devices which have been developed by a single Customer for their own use.


    Note: Awaiting upto date list from BT Wholesale to show latest approved devices.


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