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    Straight from https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/category/updates/ the latest software update fix news.

    2019.06.19 –

    – Fixed in-game blog sometimes not showing the most recent content.
    – Fixed missing CSM on some materials in OpenGL.
    – Fixed grass height bug on Linux.

    Dust II
    – Fixed spawn priorities.
    – Fixed pixelwalk in retro version.
    – Added navmesh names for retro version.


    2019.06.18 –

    – Celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike with a retro version of Dust II, currently available in the Casual Dust II map group.
    – The Chicken Capsule is now available for purchase in-game.

    – Adjustments to the AUG to bring its utility more in line with other rifles.
    — Slightly reduced rate of fire.
    — Reduced accuracy while unscoped.

    – Fixed an exploit involving duplication of items dropped by disarming another player.
    – Players in warmup spawn closer to their teammate.
    – Players in warmup now spawn with a random pistol.

    2019.06.11 –

    – Fixed semi-transparent material on FBI variant A character.
    – Several stability fixes for clients and game servers.


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