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    Ok, So I have the Dell Inspiron 7570 (i7) and a great laptop it is. I only have one annoyance and that is when the laptop is plugged in, the Fan is working at 100 % and can be very noisy, when power is unplugged from laptop and it is running on batteries, fan slows down and is a quite beast again.

    I have tried a few option to resolve my Dell Laptop loud fan noise, like changing power options from Dell to Balanced, also tried various Bios updates and power options within BIOS, cleaning air vents etc. all to no real effect.

    For myself, usage of the laptop lightly,  the following option worked for myself (not for gamers and heavy usage) but for general streaming and the occasion outlook/forum work, this kept the fan under under control and CPU and GPU seemed to not lag to much.

    • Right Click BTTM right of screen Power Icon and select Power Options
    • Select Dell Power plan
    • Select  Change Plan Settings
    • Select Change Advanced Power Settings
    • Then go to Processor Power Management
    • Select  System Cooling Policy > Plugged In and change from Active to Passive.

    This has effect of slowing CPU down before it needs to increases Fan Speed.

    So, good for browsing etc. but as said above, not suitable for gaming etc. and when I do need the extra CPU processor Power over a longer period of time, I just switch back to Active


    Edit: a an update, this method for reducing fan noise seems to work well, CPU still goes to 100% when it needs to, but seems to use the CPU more gently over a slightly longer time period  to avoid generating extra heat so fan is ticking over at low revs etc.


    Image below in attachment of Settings to change



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    Ok, so Dell updated the Bios recently for my Dell Inspiron 7570 and once again the Fan is on when the power is plugged in.

    So after some more tinkering with power options and BIOS, I found in the BIOS that there is an option called Intel – TurboBoost and this basically allows the CPU and GPU to work above normal performance levels.

    Since disabling Intel – TurboBoost in the BIOS, fan has remained quiet but as a result I have noticed the laptop is not as responsive as it used to be.

    To Disable Intel TurboBoost for the Dell Inspiron 7570 laptop, follow the below steps:

    • Power On laptop and when Dell image appears, click the F2 button
    • Once the BIOS screen menu appears, scroll down to Performance Category and expand
    • Then in that sub category is Intel TurboBoost
    • Expand Intel TurboBoost Category and on the Right Screen panel is the option to Enable Intel TurboBoost, which is ticked / enabled by default
    • Untick this check box and save settings
    • Exit BIOS

    It is strange why this is an issue with Dell’s and I have used HP’s – Sony (old school) and MaC books etc. even the kids Lenovo’s are quiet when plugged in, i7’s must run really hot 



    In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom (J.G.Ballard).

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