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    This months DrayTek Newsletter arrived in my inbox.

    DrayTek Wi-Fi and Mesh Wi-Fi solutions [webinar on demand]




    Hi xxxxx

    Please enjoy our round up of useful information. Read on to learn about events, firmware updates, new products and articles.
    DrayTek Wi-Fi and Mesh Wi-Fi solutions [webinar on demand]

    Enjoy this technical presentation about DrayTek Wi-Fi and Mesh Wi-Fi solutions.  Key topics covered include managing Wi-Fi traffic, securing your network, improving coverage and how to set up VLANs and VLANs over Mesh.  Over 500 people watched this webinar live. Click here to find the video.

    The Complete DrayTek Proposition in 45 minutes! [webinar on demand]

    Hosted by Julian Hubble, DrayTek UK/IRE Sales Director, this DrayTek webinar covers our complete product solution set with special focus on how this can be incorporated effectively in “post lock-down” environments. Click here to find the video.

    If you’re an IT technician, a SysAdmin or generally interested in such things, you may already know about DoH, but for everyone else – regular users of the Internet, with some browsers in some regions – they’ve just had a fundamental part of their web’s inner working changed. They won’t notice, but the change is fundamental and has impact beyond the claimed benefits that those responsible are making.

    Read Michael Spalter’s latest blog to understand recent changes Firefox Mozilla have made in regards to DoH.  Click here to read the blog.

    DrayTek adds another 10Gb (SFP+) capable switch to the range.

    The VigorSwitch P2540x is a 54 port PoE+ Gigabit L2+ Managed switch with a plethora of management options and enterprise-level features to improve network stability and security for businesses.

    It has 48 PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) RJ-45 LAN ports and 6 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports for high bandwidth uplinks to Servers, Network Attached Storage and Switches.

    Designed for centralised management, the VigorSwitch P2540x can be provisioned and monitored through both the VigorACS management platform and/or, a DrayTek Vigor router’s Central Switch Management. Click here to learn more about the VigorSwitch P2540x.


    Did you know VigorACS remote management can view and modify any value or setting on a DrayTek router, switch or access point? It’s a fantastic tool for automating those repetitive tasks to save you time. Within the VigorACS Provisioning Menu, operators can:

    Apply configuration changes to one/multiple/all devices within a network
    Schedule the time/date for a configuration change
    Use templates for larger sets of parameter changes
    Specify values to be always kept, so VigorACS will return original value if the configuration is changed on any device
    Apply device specific configuration, such as a unique router name to existing registered devices.
    To learn more, please contact your local dealer or have a chat with us.
    Firmware Releases
    Please review this summary of the latest UK/Ireland firmware versions released this month.

    We recommend checking to make sure that your products are up to date.

    Vigor 2926 3.9.4
    Vigor 3220 3.9.4
    VigorAP 1000C 1.3.4
    VigorAP 918R 1.3.4
    VigorAP 920R 1.3.4
    VigorSwitch G2280x
    VigorSwitch P2280x
    VigorSwitch P2540x 2.6.3

    For more information, visit https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/downloads
    Latest Support Articles

    Teleworker VPN – SSL with mOTP 2FA – Smart VPN Client & Smartphone

    VigorSMS – Setup guide

    How to setup WAN priority on the Vigor2620Ln router
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