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    Well I watched Watchdog last week and again, Capita PLC (Capita Plc) are running another service and not receiving positive reviews, much like the Prison Service in the UK and the various IT Outsourcing contracts they run for HMG.

    I am of the age where I remember and respect what Corgi used to offer, this was replaced by GAs Safe (run by Capita), back in 2009, Capita  and is a outsourcing and professional services company whom also run some of the prison services etc.

    From the sounds of what WatchDog was saying, GasSAfe Engineers as long as they pay there annual fees, stay on the list, regardless of a poor work history and poor customer feedback, it appears that GasSafe customers cannot even get a reference via GasSafe of the reviews they have conducted on there members, so we (as a consumer) have no idea, how good or bad the GAS Engineer really is.

    I am going electric ;-)





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