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    This details how you can gain access to your MODEM from behind your ASUS router.

    I have contacted ASUS support and they confirmed that the option to gain access the MODEM from the router LAN/WAN is achievable, the below statement from ASUS does offer some options………

    “Asuswrt Wi-Fi router could support PPPoE + DHCP case. Not support PPPoE + Static IP So the MODEM in WAN side of Wifi Router need to enable DHCP server. e.g. Hinet VDSL modem”

    So Assume you have a Cable/DSL modem on and the Router is on the default

    Note: If your modem / router are both on the same ip network, i.e. they both use, then you’ll need to reconfigure one of them to use a different IP network.

    The problem is your PC can’t access the modem on the local network, as the modem is on the WAN port of the router which is a separate physical network. So it tries to route the request to the default gateway (the router). The router only knows about your network, so it routes to its default gateway over the PPPoE WAN interface onwards to the ISP who also knows nothing about your modem being on
    I believe by enabling DHCP on the MODEM, the Router WAN is then aware of the Modem IP /MAC Address (ARP/NDP etc) and provides routing cabability beyond just the PPPoE connection and destination .

    Alas UK BT supplied Modem (HG612) does not have a DHCP Service, but the Draytek 130 Modem as others do.

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