Philippines DSL ISP's (PLDT/GLOBE/Bayantel) INFO

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    Im Using Globe DSL Here My Setting on my ASUS DSL, If you using other ISP please share your settings so we could update this List. Thanks


    ~>PVC Setting
    PVC Internet PVC
    Wan Connection Type: PPPoE
    VPI: 0 (Zero)
    VCI: 35
    Encapsulation: LLC
    Service Category: UBR Without PCR (Any*)

    ~>802.1Q Settings
    Enable: No
    VLANID: 0 (Zero)
    802.1P: 0 (Zero)

    ~>Account Setting
    PPP Username: Your Acoount UserName*
    Password: Your Account Password*
    PPP Authentication: CHAP

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