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    REIN vs SHINE:

    Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN) is a term applied to some interference found on problematic DSL internet connections. The interference can be detected as electrical impulses on the physical telephone line on which the internet connection operates. REIN is particularly problematic as it can cause DSL modems to lose synchronisation and drop connection.

    REIN causes interference which in turn causes a DSL modem to mount up CRC errors. This eventually causes DSL synchronisation to drop.

    REIN is often caused by faulty electrical equipment which is in the proximity of the broadband telephone line. Usually the equipment is emitting a radio frequency, which causes electrical impulses along the telephone line

    SHINE (Single High Impulse Noise Event) is where this interference is generated as a burst  (once a day or once a week etc. – when a device is powered on or off, for example. As a result disconnections or line errors may result at the time an electrical device is switched on or off.

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    nice video:

    maybe helpful to localize REIN/SHINE with an AM radio receiver at 612KHz.

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