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    Who are Spitfire?

    “Details taken from Spitfire.co.uk”

    Spitfire has been providing business internet and telecoms services from there central London offices for more than 30 years. (1988)

    Having been in business since 1988,  Spitfire was one of the first providers of business broadband in the UK.

    Back in September 2000, Spitfire is one of the 15 broadband suppliers listed on the first BT-sponsored advert that launched broadband in this country.

    Spitfire was also one of the first Telecoms companies to be involved in Wholesale Line Rental when it was launched as a trial by BT Wholesale in 2001. Since then, they have been involved with every stage of the product growth and development.

    They are one of only 30 Interconnected Operators in the UK, with there own telephone exchange and multiple Interconnects with the BT Network. Having there own infrastructure gives then control over the products and services we provide, allowing them to develop innovative services that provide outstanding value.

    Other notable landmarks for Spitfire include pioneering Business VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Telephony in 2006


    Who are Spitfire?

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