Who is GNUton and what is he about?

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    Who is GNUton  and what is he about?

    GNUton was originally from Italy and now resides in Finland, @GNUton is a developer and is creating code (firmware) that combines all the benefits of ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware’s with ASUS DSL firmware’s (ASUSWRT) for ASUS DSL modem/router models.

    So far @GNUton has been working with the ASUS DSL-AC68U and has also been successful in adding ASUSWRT-Merlin builds to other ASUS DSL (modem routers) models.

    GNUton’s Merlin builds is a better description for his firmware but I am sure that will change over time

    Links blow to both his blog and his main activities via Github



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