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    I posted this over at Netduma, so thought I should include in my forum also, before I forget

    So if you have a Netgear Router (including XR Series) and a DrayTeK Vigor 130 modem, then it is not possible (or I have not found a way) to gain access to the Drayteks stats (UI) via the Netgear router unless you unplug the Ethernet cable between router and modem which is not ideal.

    I have tried adding static routes, enabling Telnet access on my XR500 and entering ip route add static etc etc etc..

    What worked for myself was to use a small 4 to 8 port switch between the DrayTek 130 and XR500.

    Connect my Laptops Ethernet cable into that switch with an IP of (manual IP address on that  interface) – (no gateway needed)

    Then at your browser type to enable you to login and get your stats etc.

    Note: my TP-Link 5 port switch likes it when the Ethernet cable from the laptop plugs into Port 1 ? –  Ports 4 and 5 are used for the connection from DrayTek 130 to my XR500

    (switch only adds marginal delay – so not big issue when gaming)

    Still works as of today (24/09/2021) but far from an ideal workaround.


    Note: ASUS RT Routers do not have this problem, only Netgear kit.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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