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    So I  have had a chat with ASUS DSL Team and ‘to keep it simple’ it appears that ASUS wished to confirm the following with regards to the use and distribution of their DSL Beta firmware’s.

    The beta firmware’s ASUS distribute by these forums ( and ( and others, are released on the understanding that ASUS are not requesting users to test these beta releases, it’s not necessary, these released beta firmware’s, which could be untested, are used at owners own risk, owners are welcomed to feedback any comments related to these new beta firmware’s releases, but testing is not required/requested by ASUS.

    Beta firmware’s release by ASUS for their routers(DSL) can contain new features/enhancements and bug fixes.

    In essence and to clarify, ASUS are not asking DSL owners to test these beta firmware’s, as they have a dedicated team performing this function already, but likewise, do welcome any feedback regarding these beta’s to better improve the product’s/firmware’s etc.

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