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    RMerlin on the 2nd February 2019 – released his next stable firmware for the ASUS RT-AC86U (RT-AC86U-384.9) and other models.

    Asuswrt-Merlin 384/NG Changelog

    384.9 (2-Feb-2019)
    – NEW: Temporarily reorganized code in separate branches, to handle Asus’s currently scattered firmware source code releases.

    The GPL situation for this release is as follow:
    o RT-AX88U: Merged GPL 384_5329
    o Other models: Merged GPL 384_45149.
    o Special binary blobs provided by Asus for the RT-AC87U and RT-AC3200 (compatible with  384_45149).

    – NEW: Added NFS client support (V2 and V3) to the RT-AC86U and RT-AX88U (already present in older models)
    – NEW: Report the number of spatial streams and the PHY type used by wireless clients for models supporting it
    – NEW: Display tracked connections on the QoS Stats page (now relabeled “Classification”).
    Fields can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

    Thanks to FreshJr for his help in deciphering the packet mark values.

    – NEW: Implemented ipsec.postconf and strongswan.postconf scripts.
    – KNOWN ISSUE: dcd process crashing on RT-AC86U (bug in Trend Micro’s code, outside of my control).
    – KNOWN ISSUE: IPv6s on Tracked Connections have their last two bytes set to 00 (bug in Trend Micro’s code truncating the last two bytes).
    – KNOWN ISSUE: No IPS events logged (bug in Asus’s code, IPS should work, just fails to log hits)
    – KNOWN ISSUE: Networkmap listing may be unreliable.(Bug in Asus’s code)
    – KNOWN ISSUE: Users failing to read changelogs will probably complain about the above issues.(Outside of my control).
    – CHANGED: Updated wget to 1.20.
    – CHANGED: Updated nano to 3.2.
    – CHANGED: Updated curl to 7.62.0.
    – CHANGED: Updated Chart.js to 2.7.3.
    – CHANGED: Updated dnsmasq to 2.80-32-g28cfe36 (themiron)
    – CHANGED: Optimized some JS files to reduce their size
    – CHANGED: OpenVPN clients can now accept CNs up to 255 chars when using it to validate the certificate.
    – CHANGED: No longer reset the OpenVPN client’s description, policy mode and existing rules when uploading an .ovpn config file.
    – CHANGED: No longer accept any server-provided route when OpenVPN client set to Policy (Strict).
    – CHANGED: Clients bound to DNSFilter rules will no longer bypass it by using DoT. DNSFilter servers that support DoT (like Quad9) will only allow filtered clients to use that server
    – FIXED: Firmware update checks would not run at boot time on the RT-AX88U.
    – FIXED: Name resolution issues for /etc/hosts entries on HND models (themiron)
    – FIXED: Syslog not properly copied to JFFS on reboot (John Bacho)
    – FIXED: Volumes not properly unmounted on HND platform (John Bacho)
    – FIXED: Added missing TEE Netfilter target on the RT-AC86U
    – FIXED: SSH brute force protection didn’t work in Dual WAN load balancing mode.
    – FIXED: httpd crashes on RT-AC86U (themiron)
    – FIXED: DNSFilter clients could use a different nameserver when using an IPv6 connection
    – FIXED: USB disk idle config changes not applying without a reboot.
    – FIXED: “Strict” DNS mode wasn’t working properly with OpenVPN clients
    – FIXED: Cannot upload JFFS backup on HND models

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    Well I flashed RMerlins latest stable release (RT-AC86U-384.9) on my RT-AC86U tonight and thus far, seems to have settled in well. did not bother with factory reset this time

    Time will tell ;-)


    In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom (J.G.Ballard).

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