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    I read this on Twitter and thought it worthy of Sharing ….

    Comfort cannot be understated, especially now, when many of us are stuck indoors for long periods of time. Yes, for some of us the pandemic has been a wonderful opportunity to be reacquainted with our beds, but for others, this has just meant an exceptionally long amount of time stuck at the desk, staring at monitors, and a lot less exercise. I feel the struggle, for even though I may usually work from home regardless, I can feel my hips tighten, my waist widen, and my motivation wane with each passing day. Yes, the pandemic has taken its tolls on us all, in one way or another. Thus, comfort is essential for getting us all through these difficult times, whether it’s while wrapped up in bed, or wedged between two monitors for hours on end.

    But hey, even if you’re not sat at your desk, you might be under a lamp for reading a traditional book – you know, the ones made of paper. You might have a preferred nook to hide away in while playing Nintendo Switch and mobile games. It might just be that you like pulling a chair up to the TV to get a bit closer to the action when playing an intense shooter. Regardless of what motivates you, a good chair will benefit any and all of these situations, and I am pleased to report that the anda seaT Dark Demon premium gaming chair is an excellent choice for all of these situations.

    The Dark Demon is, by all accounts, a pretty typically designed gaming chair. It has a similar form factor compared to many racing-style gaming chairs and is made of the same kind of high-quality PVC leather material you would expect from those chairs, too. The design aesthetics have a clear throughline to anda seaT’s background making racing chairs for car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes Benz, and for the purposes of designing a comfortable and stylish office chair, these credentials are pitch-perfect. The chair looks striking to see, whether that’s when guests enter the house, or when you’re showing off your new throne on stream, but still understated enough to not look out of place or gaudy. At least, this is the case for the all-black version of the chair, which a little more “quiet” than the version with red-accents.

    The removable headrest and lumbar pillow are going to be divisive for some users of the chair, but I’ll say this: give it a good, honest try before you decide against them. There is a bit of a caveat to using them: having the backrest of the chair pulled all the way up to make the lumbar pillow and headrest incredibly uncomfortable, almost as if these two lumps are pushing you out of the chair you’re trying to sit in. Pull back the lever and recline just a bit, however, and suddenly they fit your posture perfectly. When reclined ever so slightly I can suddenly sit in excellent comfort, with the one caveat being that my bald head can sweat against the PVC headrest slightly – those with hair won’t have to consider this one, though…

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