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    Detailed below is the instructions from ASUS on how to put the DSL-AC88U into Recovery Mode (Rescue Mode) to enable the loading of firmware from outside of the Routers UI (User Interface) and also details (simple) on how to clear the DSL-AC88U NVRAM.

    (Also works for DSL-AC3100 and DSL-AC88U Annex B)

    Put the DSL-AC88U into recovery mode (it should be the “rescue mode”):
    [On your Router]

    1. First, unplug the power core (DC IN) of DSL-AC88U Router.


    Next, long-press the button “RESTORE” about 5 seconds and plug in DC IN behind the DSL-AC88U Router.

    The DSL-AC88U router is on rescue mode now (no LED’s blink but WiFi LEDS Glow Dull).


    [On your Computer]

    Connect with computer and DSL-AC88U Router as bellow picture – green line(LAN).

    Click 「Start」→「Control panel」→ 「network and Internet」→「Network and Sharing Center」→「Change adapter settings」at left page

    「LAN」→right click「properties」→click「Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)」→click 「properties」at the bottom of page→modify the content as bellow

    Use the following IP address,IP address:, subnet mask:  → click「OK」

    You can update the firmware by entering the URL “” via your browser:


    If the update is successful, a message will appear stating the update will take about 2 minutes

    2) How to erase the routers NVRAM?
    Go to the Administration > Restore/Save/Upload Setting page, and press the “Restore” button of the “Factory Default” option.

    Hope this Proves Usefull?

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