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    List of Typical Fault codes for the Miele dish washers (as a guide)


    Fault Code         Description

    F01  –                      Water/heating NTC or leads short-circuited

    F02 –                      Water/heating NTC or leads open-circuited

    F11 –                       Drainage fault

    F12 –                      Water intake fault at start of step

    F13 –                      Water intake fault: Heater pressure switch

    F14 –                     Water intake fault: Heater pressure switch

    F15 –                    Water intake fault: Hot water

    F18 –                    Flow meter stationary state monitor B3/4

    F19 –                    Flow meter B3/4 stiff and not turning freely

    F24 –                   Heater relay contact

    F25 –                   Desired temperature fault

    F26 –                   Boiling protection

    F40 –                   Electronic fault

    F42 –                   Line frequency registration fault

    F47 –                    Mains frequency registration fault

    F51 –                    Heater pressure switch

    F52 –                   Heater pressure switch has reset during heating

    F53 –                    Speed sensor fault

    F63 –                    Slide shutter fault

    F67 –                    Circulation pump speed to slow

    F68 –                   Circulation pump operation after switch off

    F69 –                   Circulation pump blocked

    F70 –                   Float switch fault

    F84 –                  Slide shutter positioning fault

    F85 –                 Slide shutter signal change fault

    F86 –                 Salt container lid contact fault

    F87 –                 Sensor softener fault

    F88 –                 Turbidity sensor fault

    F91 –                  Load size registration inactive




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