Top Warzone Players Use Netduma Routers for Competitive Advantage in Tournaments

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    Competitive Warzone tournaments have had issues surrounding them since their inception. Whether it be a hacker in a lobby ruining a match, busted mechanics such as the infinite juggernaut glitch, or more recently players being accused of avoiding SBMM with Netduma routers, Warzone tournaments have a rough history. Let’s take a look at one of the hot topics in the Call of Duty Warzone community right now, which is Netduma Routers.

    Netduma routers are intended to be used as a way to reduce your ping and ensure the best possible connection to servers for various games, including Warzone. Their features have been helping gamers reduce their latency and in game ping.

    So this is not groundbreaking or new information to many. It’s recently become an issue due to SBMM and players having suspicions of top Warzone players using them to get “bot lobbies.” Let’s take a look at if that’s even possible.

    Can Netduma Routers Geo-Fencing Function Give Players “Bot Lobbies?”

    The flat out answer is no.

    While the router allows you to select a specific region you’d like to limit your potential servers to, it doesn’t always work with every game. This is due to how Call of Duty implements their skill based matchmaking, which places you in lobbies based on a plethora of statistics and performance.

    Another issue with the recent accusations is that most seem to believe these routers allow you to play on “Hawaiian” servers, which actually don’t even exist.

    However, if you look more in to the implications that selecting a certain server to lower your ping arises, there’s reason to be alarmed.

    While owning a Netduma router currently can not be proven to be any more of an advantage than having a 144hz monitor vs a 60hz monitor, or having fiber-optic internet instead of regular high speed, there’s some serious examples of top tier players playing in lobbies that are consistently lower than they should be.

    For example, a player with a 6.0 KD should NOT be consistently placed in Warzone lobbies with under a 1.0 average KD ratio, yet there are examples of it happening.

    Someone is going to crack the code of what’s been going on to produce these results, and there is no telling what the fallout from that will look like for the competitive Warzone community.

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